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About Us

Handcrafted jewellery

Christina Hembo’s freehand drawings bring her ideas and designs to life. Every piece of Jewellery is handcrafted, with Christina’s studio inspecting every detail.

Every gemstone is set by hand and each piece is hand polished.We call this ‘craftsmanship’.

Danish design

Designer Christina Hembo is a graduate of the University of the Arts in London and her designs have an international touch, but with an authentically Danish touch. Danish design with a subtle Scandinavian feel, colour and elegant simplicity.

Christina’s universe

The Universe of Christina.

In CHRISTINA’s world there are no limitations.

CHRISTINA Jewellery is always made of genuine materials. Genuine Sterling Silver, Genuine Gemstones, genuine dedication.

The collection entices you to explore Christina’s designs. Watches and jewellery that are designed and crafted to the highest standard and quality.

In the world of designer Christina Hembo, there is room for everyone and something for everyone.

Welcome to the world of CHRISTINA.

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