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All stones used in our collection are Hand Set Real Natural Gemstones, Christina Hembo (co-owner and chief designer at CJW) explains why this is so in all her designs and jewellery.

“Jewellery fascinates, emphasises and reflects one’s personality.

My love for high quality precious gemstones and precious metals is my passion, and this passion is what drives my designs. 

Very fine quality is therefore the hallmark of all my designs

Jewellery often carries a lot of love, as jewellery is often gifted between people in love.  This is the reason why I always use precious gemstones.  Gemstones that are full of love, meaningfulness and passion.

Every woman should have this feeling – every day in life.”

The stones in Christina’s jewellery are Real Gemstones and we believe that glued gemstones cheapen the jewellery and there is no assurance that the glue or epoxy would hold up in the long term.  Our Gemstones are all hand set the traditional way.

These are the Real Gemstones used in our Collection

Amethyst Citrine Crystal Quartz Diamond tw/vvs
Garnet Mother of Pearl Onyx Pearl
Peridot Rose Quartz Ruby Sapphire
Sky Blue Topaz Smokey Quartz  Topaz Tsavorite


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