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Gemstones | Pearl


Perfect shining spheres. Lustrous baroque forms. Seductive strands, warm to the touch.

Pearls are simply and purely organic

People have coveted natural pearls as symbols of wealth and status for thousands of years. A Chinese historian recorded the oldest written mention of natural pearls in 2206 BC. As the centuries progressed toward modern times, desire for natural pearls remained strong. Members of royal families, as well as wealthy citizens in Asia, Europe and elsewhere treasured natural pearls and passed them down from generation to generation.

In ancient China, pearls were believed to guarantee protection from fire and fire-breathing dragons. In Europe, they symbolised modesty, chastity and purity.

Pearls are treasures from the Earth’s ponds, lakes, seas and oceans, and they’ve always embodied the mystery, power and life-sustaining nature of water.

Pearl is the birthstone for June and the gem of the thirtieth wedding anniversary. 


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